Introducing:  Roberta Hayes, owner of God’s House of Vision, Art Gallery and Studio (has lived in Coquille for the past 4 years) with her husband, William.  Roberta is an Artist, Musician, Writer, and Educator (http://musicartandenglish.com):

AA Music Education
BS Visual Arts Education
MS Visual Arts Education
MS Language Arts Education
Computer Endorsement
Distance Education Certification
Gifted/Talented Curriculum Development Endorsement
Reading/Literacy Endorsement

Roberta has been teaching one thing or another off-and-on since 1979. She taught private music lessons (flute, piccolo, oboe, Alto Sax, recorder, and piano), swim lessons and life guarding/CPR for the Red Cross, art and music teacher (elementary and high school), reading and tutored students in English.   
Roberta currently teaches online for Taylor University (since 2006) and has taught for Indiana Wesleyan University on site as well as online (15 years):  Music and Art history, Art Appreciation, Business Communications, Topics in Research and Writing, Creative Writing, and American Literature.  She also used to teach for Indiana University (10 years) a professional development course for teachers: Art in the K-12 Classroom.   Roberta was also a professional flutist/singer for 17 years, having toured Europe and the Midwest as a soloist and in concert with various groups.  

William plays guitar, and is a street evangelist (http://sonstoglorymenofthunderministries.org) and more importantly, he holds prayer meetings, preaches, and teaches any where he can - in the streets as well as indoors).  Prayer meetings are held here every Sunday night at 5 pm, everyone welcome.  William has spent the last 40 years, on and off, doing construction work of various types.  Now he continues to do some construction work while helping at the art gallery, by making frames for the artwork (if you need any framing done, contact us!).

They opened this business, by a miracle from God, November 6, 2017.



Come in and have fun!  Artists – contact Roberta if you want to hang/sell your artwork.    

We also have live music/open mic/jam sessions every Saturday night throughout the year, for our local residents to share their talents, where we serve coffee/cookies/sometimes potluck and make this a time of socializing for children and adults alike.  We would like to have a variety of music: bluegrass, classical (chamber music), Christian, Rock, etc., so musicians, if you would like to play, whether you are in an existing group or not (I want to start a chamber group myself), please contact Roberta or William if you want to play.

We are always in need of certain supplies and by donating; you can keep our free kids programs and our music nights as a ‘free’ gift to the community.
Paper towels
Toilet paper
Art supplies
Acrylics, Watercolors, Gouache
Brushes, Crayons, Markers, Pencils (colored & drawing)
Drawing/multi-media paper
Scissors, Glue
Jewelry Making Supplies/books
Craft Items
“How to Draw” Books
Scrapbooking Supplies
Juice, Koolaid, Sugar
Snacks (cookies, crackers, chips, healthy foods)
Styrofoam or paper cups
Paper plates

Volunteer your time, especially if you are artistic and can teach or you play an instrument/part of a group and want to perform!

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