Current Featured Artists

David Castleberry

Showing Aug. through Sept., 2019

Featured Artists:

June - July, 2019

Anita Fogarty

April - May, 2019

Jane Pierson

Twana Gulseth


March - May 2019

Melissa Epperson

Jami Akers


Jan. - Feb. 2019

Elaine Dunham

Dana Gronemyer


Oct. - Dec. 2018

Wayne VanBurger


Aug.-Sept. 2018

Allen A. Adams (Tony)


Cheryl Magellen

November – July 2017-18
Carol Turner

Nov. '17 - current

Gerard Krimmer

Patsy Weaver

Ray Pluta
Rachel Smith

Kathy Phillips
Sharon Chapman
Betty Mullins
Sherry Welsh
Lori Slawson
Donna Hamer



About the After School Art Class:  “I like this project.  I like that I can do what I want to do and make my own design.”         -- Parker

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